Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, fresh off his victory against a historic impeachment effort, is warning that it is impossible for him to prosecute voter fraud in the state due to a court ruling.

In an interview with Blaze Media’s Glenn Beck, Paxton said that the state’s elections are being threatened by district attorneys who will refuse to bring charges against those who commit voter fraud in 2024.

“The Court of Appeals in the State of Texas, apparently now, you cannot prosecute voter fraud in Texas. Is that true?” Beck asked.

“Yes, that is correct,” Paxton replied. “They struck down a law from 1951, and by the way, I have four things that I’m supposed to do under the Constitution. The final thing is such things as are required by law. And in 1951, the legislature directed the Attorney General — it’s the only thing I have original jurisdiction on as it relates to criminal matters, was voter fraud and the Court of Criminal Appeals.”

“All Republican, by the way,” he continued, “And by the way, nobody knows who they are. This is why I think they’ve been put there, and I’m convinced they’re not Republicans because they struck down this law, and it said, ‘I don’t have the authority to go to court as Attorney General, because I’m in the executive branch.’ That was their rationale for striking down, saying it’s ‘unconstitutional’ for the Attorney General to be in court. I’m like, is that the most insane decision ever?”

“But they did it and now it’s up to the local DAs to prosecute it,” he noted.

“Oh my gosh,” Beck exclaimed.

“The Travis County, the Dallas County, the Harris County, which is Houston, Bexar County stands up — they’re not going to prosecute voter fraud. Guess what? They just opened up voter fraud and the people of Texas need to know that. And there’s three of the nine members up coming up in March for a primary. We have to find people to run and we have to beat those people or we are going to lose the state. I tried to get this law passed again so that I could start doing it again and make them strike it down again. And guess who killed it? Dave Phelan. I called them. He never returned my calls, but I was told by his team that they didn’t have time to pass this law…”

“Oh my gosh,” Beck exclaimed again.

“That’s where we are with Dave Phelan,” he went on. “That’s where we’re with the Texas House, and that’s where we are with the Court of Criminal Appeals that no one knows. And by the way, that is our highest court. It’s like our Supreme Court. We’re only one of two states that has this for all criminal matters. So I have no appeal rights. So when they strike down this as unconstitutional and say, I can’t prosecute voter fraud, I have no ability to get around that. I’m stuck. And that’s what I’m trying to fix.”

“Two years… I can’t prosecute voter fraud,” Paxton added. “And in March I think we’re going to have three people to run against the members of the Court of Appeal. We’ve got to get those people elected. We lost 8-1, and if we can get three new members, we’ll at least be 5-4 and we’ll be sending the message. You cannot strike down…”

“This is a big deal,” Beck noted, before asking, “How did this happen?”

“Okay, so I think George Soros is, my opinion, he was trying to do three things,” Paxton replied. “One, get the DAs elected in these liberal counties. So he beat all Democratic DAs that were prosecuting crimes. He did in Travis County, an unseated Democrat there that was actually prosecuting crimes. He did the same thing in San Antonio. So he got control of that, knowing full well that this would affect voting. Second, he helped put nine members on the Supreme Court, actually eight. Kevin Yeary is awesome, the other eight, no one knows who they are and I think he, because Republicans don’t know who these people are, he was able to get these members of the court to strike down this law. And then the third strategy was get rid of me. And then there’s no hope. There’s nowhere to go. So that was the goal. They didn’t get rid of me. So there’s still hope and we’ve got to change the Court of Criminal Appeals and we’ve got to get the house next time to pass this law.”

The judges on the Texas Criminal Court of Appeals that are standing for partisan election in 2024 are: Sharon Keller, Barbara Hervey and Michelle Slaughter. All of them voted to restrict Paxton from prosecuting voter fraud in Texas.

Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick concurred with Paxton that the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals should reconsider the 2021 ruling that stripped the Attorney General of the authority to prosecute voter fraud cases.

Paxton warned after the ruling that it could “devastating for future elections in Texas.”


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