Rep. Ayanna Presley (D-MA) had some tough love for President Joe Biden in a joint presser with fellow radical Squad members Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Rep. Cori Budh (D-MO).

Pressley railed against the Biden administration because “voters are not happy” and “President Biden must change course.”

Her rationale? You decide whether or not Pressley and her fellow Squad members are out-of-touch.

“For how much longer will the U.S. offer its full-throated support for the Israeli Government as it violates international law and operates with callous disregard for human life?” Pressley ranted. “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, vengeance is not a foreign policy doctrine, and we cannot bomb our way to peace. History has shown us that time and time again. Diplomacy is the only path forward and that must begin with an immediate lasting and indefinite ceasefire now. A ceasefire is the best way to save lives, to bring all hostages home, deliver the humanitarian assistance that Gaza so desperately needs. And we are not alone in this fight. Millions across the globe are marching peacefully for a ceasefire.”

“Support in Congress has never been higher,” she continued. “And our labor siblings, the UAW, AFL-CIO, and AFT are now firmly in our corner.”

“Our pro-peace, pro-humanity movement, it is strong and intersectional and growing daily. Because from Massachusetts to Michigan and all the way to the Middle East, our destinies are tied and our shared humanity is on the line,” she added. “We need a ceasefire now, because it is the right thing to do, the moral thing to do. But in case the White House needed any more convincing I’ll remind them not only is ceasefire good policy, it is good politics. The results in Michigan this week made it plain, voters are not happy with the United States handling of the war in Gaza, and President Biden must change course. A ceasefire is the mandate. Thank you again to Representative Tlaib, Representative Bush, and our colleagues for bringing us together. Together we will continue to call for peace, to pray for peace, and to work for peace and though the grief that we carry — and through the grief that we carry, we will never be silent in the face of injustice. Ceasefire now.”

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s approval rating is cratering, but “Israel-Gaza” policy is not among the top reasons why.

“Reuters’ poll shows that Biden’s approval rating has steadily declined since March of 2023, and is the lowest since July of 2022, when it reached 36%,” DCNF reported.

“Biden’s approval rating fell precipitously to below 50% in August of 2021 amid the United States’ military withdrawal from Afghanistan, which was widely criticized for logistical failures in the evacuation of persons as well as a terrorist attack that killed 13 American military enlistees,” the report continued. “Currently, his disapproval rating is at 58%, among the highest levels in his presidency.”

“Biden’s approval rating in the Reuters poll has been corroborated by other polling companies, such as Gallup, whose Feb. 25 poll showed Biden with an approval rating of 38%. Gallup’s recording of 37% approval for Biden, between October and November of 2023, was its lowest rating for him during his presidency,” the report added.

Reuters also polled respondents about their top policy issues ahead of the general election: Democrats ironically ranked “extremism” as the number one issue and Republicans’ top two issues were the economy and the border crisis.


Biden Approval Craters Amid Concerns Over Struggling Economy, Never-Ending Border Crisis