The White House has issued a statement in strong opposition to the the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act (SAVE Act), which would ensure that illegal aliens do not vote in U.S. elections.

The Statement of Administration Policy was posted at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB( website.

The White House statement reads:

“The Administration strongly opposes H.R. 8281, the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act. It is already illegal for noncitizens to vote in Federal elections—it is a Federal crime punishable by prison and fines. The alleged justification for this bill is based on easily disproven falsehoods. Additionally, making a false claim of citizenship or unlawfully voting in an election is punishable by removal from the United States and a permanent bar to admission. States already have effective safeguards in place to verify voters’ eligibility and maintain the accuracy of voter rolls. This bill would do nothing to safeguard our elections, but it would make it much harder for all eligible Americans to register to vote and increase the risk that eligible voters are purged from voter rolls. The evidence is clear that the current laws to prevent noncitizen voting are working as intended—it is extraordinarily rare for noncitizens to break the law by voting in Federal elections.”

“The President has been clear: he will continue fighting to protect Americans’ sacred right to vote in free, fair, and secure elections, including by calling on Congress to pass the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act. If House Republicans really want to do something about securing our border and fixing our broken immigration system, they should vote on the border deal that the President negotiated with a bipartisan group of Senators—this would provide immigration officials the resources they need to do their jobs and be the toughest and fairest set of reforms to secure the border that we have seen in decades.”

This legislation aims to implement crucial measures to prevent illegal aliens from voting in U.S. elections. The SAVE Act mandates that states exclude non-citizens from voter registers and grants individuals the authority to sue election officials who breach their sworn obligation to safeguard the integrity of the ballot box.

The Democratic Party has fully mobilized in opposition to the SAVE Act.

The Democratic leadership is strongly urging its House members to vote against the SAVE Act prior to the vote, arguing that it will impose an excessive burden on many Americans in order to cast their votes.

“As we’ve seen a number of times this Congress, House Republicans continue to irresponsibly call into question the credibility of our elections. Despite numerous recounts, challenges in court, and deep-dives by conservative think-tanks, there has been zero evidence of the widespread fraud that this bill purports to target. It is already illegal under current law for noncitizens to register to vote or to vote in federal elections,” the office of House Minority Whip Katherine Clark (D-MA) remarked.

“Democrats are urged to VOTE NO on H.R. 8281,” the whip question adds.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) questioned the motives of Democrats who would oppose the SAVE Act.

“Why are Democrats so adamantly against ensuring only American citizens vote in our elections?” he asked.

“They want to turn illegal aliens into voters. We must pass the SAVE Act to prevent this.”

X owner Elon Musk concurred with the assessment.

“The goal all along has been to import as many illegal voters as possible,” he said.

Journalist Greg Price pointed out that the White House’s opposition comes after allowing millions of illegal aliens into the United States.

“After spending the last three years flooding the country with millions of illegals, the Biden admin just came out against the SAVE Act, which would require documentary proof of United States citizenship in order to vote in American elections,” he remarked.

Contrary to the Democratic Party’s claims, federal elections are not secure against illegal aliens voting (or their names being used to fraudulently vote by mail-in ballot) in U.S. elections.

As Ned Ryun recently pointed on X, Arizona’s law makes it clear that voters with unverified citizenship can obtain ballots and vote in federal elections.

“I will run this out, again,” he said. “A form from Arizona’s AHCCCS (Medicaid office) very explicitly telling folks that if their citizenship status cannot be confirmed, no worries. We’ll make sure to send you a ‘federal-only’ ballot.”

In 1996, the U.S. Congress enacted legislation that forbids those who are not citizens from participating in federal elections, which encompasses elections for the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and the Presidency.

The Pew Research Center reported that in 2020, the United States had a population of over 25 million non-U.S. citizens. The total population comprised over 12 million lawful permanent residents residing in the United States and 2 million temporary residents who were visiting the country for various purposes such as studying, tourism, employment, and diplomatic duties. Pew’s estimate also encompasses around 11 million illegal aliens residing in the United States.

The United States’ illegal alien population has roughly doubled under the Biden administration. It is estimated that an additional 10 million illegals have entered the country since President Biden took office.

If all 20 million illegal aliens were concentrated in a single state, that state would have the same population as New York, making it the fourth most populous state.


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