Attorney Nathan Wade was confirmed in witness testimony on Thursday to have been in a “romantic” relationship with Fani Willis prior to the Fulton County D.A. hiring him as Special Prosecutor in Georgia’s Trump racketeering case.

Trump co-defendant Michael Roman in a Jan. 8 motion alleged that Willis improperly benefited from appointing Wade as special prosecutor when he took her on vacations using funds earned from his position.

In an affidavit attached to the state’s Feb. 2 response, Wade claimed that they “roughly divided equally” travel expenses, including a receipt showing Willis purchased a flight for him.

Nathan Wade struggled to reconcile earlier sworn statements that he did not have an affair with Fani Willis prior to his hiring as a Special Prosecutor.

It was further divulged by Wade that Fani Willis paid him back for various travel expenses that he paid for on his business card in cash.

“You said in the affidavit that you roughly shared travel with her, correct?” Roman’s attorney Ashleigh Merchant asked at a hearing before Judge Scott McAfee.

“Yes,” Wade said.

“So this roughly sharing trouble, you’re saying she reimbursed you?” Merchant asked.

“She did,” he said.

“And where did you deposit the money she reimbursed you?” she asked.

“It was cash. She didn’t give me any checks,” he responded.

Wade said the only documentary proof he had showing Willis paid for any part of their travel was the one receipt included with his affidavit.

“So you submitted the one piece of written evidence that you have that she paid for something, everything else is in cash. Is that accurate?”

“No,” he said.

“Please tell me, what other receipts do you have then that show she paid for things?” Merchant pressed.

“I don’t have them,” he said.

“So this is the only receipt that you have to show that she paid for travel?” Merchant said.

“That I have, yes ma’am,” he said.

Merchant would later tease out of Wade that he is distinguishing between physical receipts and bank statements.

Legal analyst Techno Fog provided commentary on the revelations.

“Witness: Fulton County DA Fani Wilis started her romantic relationship with Nathan Wade in 2019,” Techno Fog wrote. “This contradicts the filings of Wade/Willis that the relationship began in 2022. False statements to the Court. This is getting bad for Willis.”

Journalist Greg Price also provided his assessment of the new testimony.

“Former Fulton County DA employee and friend of Fani Willis since college says she was definitely in a relationship with Nathan Wade since 2019,” he remarked. This completely contradicts the filings of Wade and Willis in which they claimed it began in 2022. Giving false statements to the court is a crime.”

“Knowingly giving false statements to a court is punishable in Georgia by a $1,000 fine and up to 5 years of jail,” he added.

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley also weighed in on the Georgia court developments.

“Willis’ office just lost the motion to quash after a witness testified that Wade and Willis had a relationship going back to 1999,” he said. “Wade is now on the stand in what is now a highly perilous moment for him professionally. Willis’ office misplayed the challenge in my view.”

“Wade just said that all of the money that Willis allegedly repaid him for flights and other expenses were paid to him in cash,” he continued. “Thus, he has no receipts or proof of the repayments… He submitted only one receipt of evidence for a repayment claim.”

“He just testified, in discussing the California trip, that there was never a time when he asked for specific reimbursement but that the repayments in case ‘balanced out’ in her paying other expenses. She also allegedly gave him some cash,” he added.

“Wade said ‘in a relationship particularly for men . . . you don’t keep a ledger.’ He insists that she paid her own way in other ways than direct payments,” he said.

Megyn Kelly also gave her view of Wade’s testimony.

“Watching this Fani Willis/Nathan Wade hearing and they are toast. TOAST. 1. Her former close friend testified that their romantic relationship began well prior to when Fani hired him. By years! (Which means they lied to the court.) 2. Wade claimed Fani reimbursed him for all the expensive trips but no record of that bc … it was all in cash. (Omg) 3. He def got caught lying on his earlier court submissions in divorce court & attempted to say the reason he (falsely) he swore that he had no “receipts” was bc he only had ‘credit card statements’ reflecting the charges. I have second hand embarrassment.”


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