President Joe Biden was briefed on the novel flu strain discovered in Texas, the White House confirmed on Wednesday, and the administration has received some “bad news.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that “the risk to human health from this outbreak is low.”

The new avian strain posing “low risk” to humans would thus be unlikely to provide a another pandemic that states can point to as a reason to pass unconstitutional election law changes and repeat the kind of record mail-in ballots seen in the 2020 election.

Nearly half the country voted by mail in the 2020 election. The mail-in ballots heavily favored the Democratic Party and their counting helped tilt the election for Biden, particularly in swing states. Biden voters were nearly twice as likely to have voted by mail than Trump voters, according to Pew Research.

“Biden voters are more likely than Trump voters to say that concerns about the coronavirus were a major reason for voting as they did,” Pew noted in a November 2020 piece. “Overall, 39% of Biden voters cited this as a major reason, compared with just 9% of Trump voters.”

“About half of Biden voters who voted absentee or by mail (53%) say that concerns about the coronavirus were a major reason they voted by mail, while just 20% of Trump voters who voted this way cited this as a major reason why,” the report continued.

“About a quarter of Biden voters who voted in person before Election Day (27%) also pointed to COVID-19 concerns as a major reason for doing so, while just 6% of in person Trump early voters said the same,” the report added. “Few Biden Election Day voters (8%) and almost no Trump Election Day voters (1%) considered concerns about the pandemic as a major reason for voting the way they did.”

The avian flu discovered in Texas does pose a threat to the poultry industry, however, production plants in Texas and Michigan have shut down because some chickens have tested positive.

But since the novel avian flu strain appears to be a “false alarm” as far as humans are concerned, the Biden campaign will have to think of new ways to flood our polls with difficult-to-verify mail-in ballots.

As I noted earlier, Democrat-majority states are outliers worldwide when it comes to allowing voters to submit election ballots without photo voter ID checks.

This election map shared by End Wokeness on X is slightly outdated, making matters even worse: North Carolina, Nebraska, and the United Kingdom have moved to photographic voter IDs. That leaves Australia, New Zealand, and blue states as the world’s only “democracies” not to require voter IDs.