Comedian Bill Maher said on Friday  that President Joe Biden’s newly unveiled immigration executive order is an attempt to boost his reelection chances that is doomed to fail.

Biden unveiled the order Tuesday following months of asserting there was no action he could take to mitigate the crisis, with the executive action halting new asylum requests once the number of migrants crossing into the U.S. reaches a daily average of 2,500 over the span of a week. Maher said on “Real Time with Bill Maher” the immigration issue is a key barrier to Biden’s reelection, but that the executive order will not satisfy anybody.

“I think if Biden loses this election, it’s gonna be because of two things,” Maher said. “He’s old and he can’t get past that issue and people just hate that about him. And immigration. I mean, just on a political level, I don’t think they could’ve handled it worse. Because now what’s going on … he’s finally, after saying he couldn’t do anything, he’s gonna issue an executive order. By the way, this is the same executive order Trump tried to get through the courts and they didn’t let him do it.”

“But he’s gonna finally try it six months before the election, which says we’ll put a cap of 2,500 now asylum seekers coming in,” the comedian continued. “If it passes 2,500, if it’s 2,501 then we automatically close the border. Fire marshal says, ‘No more.’ He’s gonna come here and close the club. And if you don’t have a stamp on your hand, you can’t get back in.”

There have been at least six million southern border encounters during Biden’s presidency. Biden faced criticism from both sides of the aisle after announcing the executive order.

“But when it goes down to 1,500, then we resume standard asylum procedures. It’s like surge pricing with Uber,” Maher joked. “It’s a bizarre scheme that of course has pleased nobody. It looks like he did nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. Of course, he did try through Congress and the Republicans purposely spiked that football … but now it looks like this is his last minute before the election Hail Mary pass. And it’s not going to succeed.”

Originally published by the Daily Caller News Foundation


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