“Election denier” Hillary Clinton is going to play a bigger role in Joe Biden’s 2024 presidential re-election campaign, according to a number of reports.

Hillary Clinton recently hosted a fundraiser for Joe Biden at her Georgetown home, as the failed Democratic presidential candidate in 2016 seeks to expand her role in re-electing a president that is now at record-low disapproval ratings.

According to a recent NBC News story, members of the Women’s Leadership Forum convened at Clinton’s stately home in Washington, D.C. on November 27 to raise over $1 million for Biden’s reelection campaign.

Clinton’s participation in the Biden campaign is anticipated to increase over the next year, while former President Barack Obama is expected to make his presence felt later in the campaign.

The NBC News report noted Clinton’s expanding visibility backing the Biden campaign.

On the final Monday in November, in a Washington home stately enough to have a name — Whitehaven — members of the Women’s Leadership Forum raised just shy of $1 million for President Joe Biden’s re-election effort. Their host: Hillary Clinton.

Two weeks earlier, Clinton published an op-ed in The Atlantic that forcefully made the case for Biden’s approach to the Israel-Hamas war, putting her credibility on the line as progressives demanded a cease-fire. And two weeks before that, at a Columbia University panel on the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Clinton shut down a heckler who asked her to comment on Biden’s “warmongering.”

In those moments, in an interview on “The View” and in social media posts, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee is stepping into a role as one of the most prominent and influential surrogates in Biden’s re-election effort. As a former secretary of state, she has the bona fides to provide Biden with a measure of political cover amid a war in the Middle East that has split the Democratic Party.

Clinton is popular with women and key parts of the Democratic base and remains a fundraising draw who can help ensure Biden has the money to get his message out. There is still a two-for-the-price-of-one theme when it comes to her family: Husband Bill Clinton made a cameo at the fundraising event at their Washington home.

Clinton’s role is only expected to grow in the new year, but for now, she is filling a space that at a later point in the campaign season former President Barack Obama will join. Obama’s habit is to plunge in closer to Election Day — a reality that rankles some Democratic strategists who say the party sorely needs him right now.

Clinton’s participation in Biden’s presidential campaign makes for awkward optics due to the present administration’s open prosecution of former president Donald Trump for allegedly interfering the 2020 election by denying the results of the contest.

Hillary Clinton herself denied that Donald Trump was a legitimate president, and asserted that the 2016 election was a fraudulent one, on numerous occasions since her loss.

After the 2016 election, seven House Democrats tried to object to the 2016 election electoral votes by citing a number of reasons, including alleged voting machine fraud and Russian collusion with Donald Trump — a blatant hoax that was perpetrated by Hillary Clinton herself and the DNC.

In addition, 67 Democrats boycotted Trump’s inauguration, with many “claiming his election was illegitimate.” The Trump inauguration on January 20th would be marked by widespread rioting in Washington D.C., which included property destruction and assault on police officers. Nearly all of the J20 rioters would ultimately be released by the Department of Justice without being charged.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, who played a key role in fomenting the J20 riots that disrupted Donald Trump’s inauguration is not only uncharged for misleading the Department of Justice, providing fake evidence of Russian collusion that led to the violation of a presidential candidate and his staff’s rights, but is playing a vocal role in a Democratic president’s re-election campaign, while he also interferences in an upcoming election.

This is “America” under a Democratic president now.


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